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refinement · deduction


adhering to the urban culture, grasping the intention of the city, blending with the scenery,
letting the ancient cultural elements into the architectural space little by little on the basis of modern spatial techniques,
creating an orderly spatial rhythm of etiquette to guide people's exploration behavior and complete the time unification with space,
experience the immersive homecoming and shopping experience. based on this,
the temperament of the city is slowly blending into the demonstration area of zhengro mansion.

▲ 示范区线稿 line draft of demonstration area


the overall outline of the base is a rectangular shape with long sides in the east-west direction.
panlong avenue, which is close to the city-level arterial road on the west, is an open group business.
the demonstration exhibition area uses commercial functional blocks for display and functional layout.

▲ 鸟瞰图 aerial view


the three-storey building takes "the falling box" as its main shape. 
the first floor emphasizes the contrast between the virtual and the real.
the existing transparent floor-to-ceiling glass enhances the combination of indoor and outdoor sight and landscape,
and meets subsequent commercial use the openness of the building, the addition of contrasting solid walls,
increase the sense of support of the overall building and emphasize the entrance and exit space.
the second-story box is mainly made of high-reflective glass to strengthen the change of mechanism and the overall purity.
the third floor, a cantilevered block with colored glazed glass is used as the main display of the image.
the visual impact of the cantilever strengthens the memory point,
and the sequence of colored glazed glass during the day and the uniqueness of the special lighting effects at night both enhance the viewer's visual memory.


finally, the overall demonstration area is presented.

▲ 效果图 rendering


the courtyard landscape design conforms to the chinese style of the building, with a concise design style,
using three elements of stone, water and green, and using chinese design techniques to "draw water from stone" to form a rich and textured landscape space.

▲ 参观动线叙事分析 narrative analysis of visiting dynamic line


to the details, the quality is reflected


the facade of the large-area glass windows is quite minimalist, with the wonderful combination of glass,
stone and metal aluminum plate to achieve the aesthetic experience of "ablation of boundaries".


in the selection of material colors, combined with the concept of cultural architecture,
using the noble sense of dark champagne gold, combined with the simplicity of modern ultra-white glass,
integrating the ancient and modern, inheriting the richness of the cultural heritage, and continuing the contemporary refinement.


in terms of material selection, the first floor fits the landscape wall,
the whole is off-white stone with high transparent white glass,
which presents an elegant spatial temperament together with the enclosed water courtyard.
the main wall above the second floor is made of dark champagne gold aluminum panels combined with gray high-reflective glass curtain walls,
and the third floor is mainly made of white glazed glass.

▲ 材料示范 material demonstration


utilizing the physical properties of ultra-white high-permeability glass to create transparency and lightness near the water surface,
and haziness and mistiness on the far water surface.
the upper and lower partitions form a strong contrast between virtual and real, bringing a strong visual impact.


stained glass has a large load and uses a hanging load bearing,
resulting in a slightly thicker top cornice. through the comparative analysis of multiple schemes,
the optimal cornice scheme was finalized to realize the overall lightness of the building.

▲ 墙身节点 wall node

▲ 墙身节点 wall node

▲ 石材节点大样 detail drawing of stone node

▲ 铝合金节点大样 detail drawing of aluminum alloy node