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from the waterline square in the urban green space of manhattan,
we foresee the natural and noisy international residential area;
from the suri apartment which perfectly integrates the line and texture with the chelsea skyline,
we foresee the international residential area with new art trends;
from the lidon apartment with open community space and holiday style,
we foresee the international residential area of future life.


the entrance is introduced by the sculpture with strong sense of power,
which opens the most obvious landscape to people's vision first.


the designer imagines to introduce forest into the site,
extract the abstract art of the building into a multi-dimensional landscape,
and use the most extreme light and shadow texture to feel the radiation of natural art and the sense of life rituals brought by the landscape.



the display wall along the street is based on warm color champagne aluminum plate to add a sense of warmth to the space.
at the same time, the combination of perforated plate and lighting creates a fresh and breathable visual effect,
which shows the artistry and temperament of the project.
the pattern of perforated plate is a combination of several leaves, which echoes the theme of nature.

the night is low and the lights are on, and the shapes of various leaves are boundless in the light.


the edge of the forest, melting the border of downtown, built a human in the forest.


people walk, stay and feel here, looking for inner peace and quiet in the fuzzy boundary between nature and city, in the space field of returning to nature.


the poetic beauty reflected by the integration of architecture and landscape is deeply moving.
so we left these beautiful moments in the process of thinking about these environment construction,
and showed them in an integrated way. 


the water falling face to face is fresh and vivid, and it hides and sets off each other with nature.
the branches and shadows are linked, and the heart is lonely.


people follow the sound of water, shuttle in the mottled light and shadow and art forest.
the tree pool full of array sense echoes with the waterscape, which makes people stop.
the whole space is surrounded by nature, and the buildings and forests blend in silence.


a little light is like a bright starry sky. it is static and moving, just like a star.


there is a forest in everyone's heart. maybe we've never been there, but it's always there, always there.


the landscape corridor connects the building and the interior space, and is integrated with the nature.
the gallery facade creates a sense of order and dignity of returning home through rich light and shadow changes.


light, shadow and forest are all gathered in this world, just like a forest art museum floating in the downtown area. it is natural, quiet and leisurely.


the back court creates a simple and atmospheric atmosphere of the park.
the sunshine lawn, artistic walking, chinese tallow growing wantonly and the interlaced garden road are full of warmth and flexibility.
we walk on the way home, through the starry door, feeling the present and the future


the "reception hall" in the park is the continuation of the theme of forest & home.
compared with the rhythm of the outdoor array, the overhead space is full of natural and quiet.
the whole space is modern and exquisite.
there are sapium sebiferum growing slowly, indoor activity places interwoven with nature, and a brand-new quality residential life it's like a natural paradise in the forest.


here is the garden of the future that our hearts yearn for.


"if you fall in love with a flower of a certain planet, then, as long as you look up at the stars at night, you will feel that the stars all over the sky are like blooming flowers."
this is the classic language from the little prince, and it will become the happy lifestyle of boyue bay - nature and poetry.


"we have been thinking about what the life mode of the future community will be, what will the international community look like,
and how to reconstruct the imagination of jiaxing's human settlement, so as to show the beautiful scenes of future life to people in advance."



the ideal living place is never the isolated existence of architecture,
but the integration of nature into the urban environment, so that the landscape, architecture and interior are in harmony.

therefore, we have set up a double deck corridor here to serve as a link for the interaction between the community and the neighborhood. here,
you can meditate, enjoy the afternoon of open-air coffee, or meet three or five friends to enjoy the delicacy and elegance of socializing with friends.
at the same time, the combination of sunshine lawn and artistic waterscape enriches people's scene imagination,
and also fully displays the beautiful scenes of future life in front of people.


the children's play area with the theme of forest, tree house and rabbit integrate ip,
and create children's playground for all ages according to different ages. combined with healthy and environmental protection materials and equipment,
the children's playground for different growth periods is customized.
at the same time, specific parental care seats are provided to create a children's health and vitality playground exclusively for boyue bay.

萌宠乐园,为宠物提供了在户外的活动空间。 “萌宠友好”在保证让宠物得到舒适的同时,也不能对园区的其他人造成不良影响,这是一个“双向友好”概念。

cute pet paradise provides outdoor activity space for pets.
"pet friendly" can not only ensure the comfort of pets, but also can not cause adverse effects on other people in the park.
this is a concept of "two-way friendship".


the real media of sunshine, barbecue, and neighborhood is people-oriented. in addition to people's family life, quiet encounter warm community.


what is a good life?
we imagine a pleasant and beautiful life: looking up at the forest green, overlooking the flowers competing for glory.
the breeze in the woods, the fragrance of grass and trees, the children running, the adults socializing, the old people basking in the sun...